DIATOM Consulting

Dedicated to the advancement of environmentally sustainable and socially equitable natural resource management

    About us

    DIATOM Consulting Ltd. is a Luxembourg-based consulting firm founded in 2020. DIATOM Consulting specializes in the management of fisheries resources and the seafood sector in general. The firm is guided in its work and missions by international voluntary guidelines and regulatory frameworks aiming to achieve the sustainable management of aquatic living resources.

    The professional expertise of DIATOM Consulting’s partners spans all continents, covers inland and marine fisheries, and all stops along fishery supply chains – including legal analysis and drafting, fishery management planning, social and economic assessments, monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing operations, port state controls, traceability frameworks, market measures, as well as thematic studies and research assignments.

    DIATOM Consulting’s partners have a solid track record in these domains, backed by a significant body of formal publications in both the academic press, and the agencies for which they have implemented studies. Partners have worked directly with the industry, fishing communities and cooperatives, with national fisheries and health administrations, regional fisheries management organizations, bilateral development agencies, UN agencies and major NGOs.

    DIATOM Consulting also operates a division providing IT solutions to national and international B2B and B2C clients.

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