Shark catches and particularly trade data are often not reported to species level. There are also major discrepancies between reported catch and traded volumes of shark (Clarke, 2006).

But where species are reported in catch and trade data, the dominance of blue shark (Prionace glauca) in both the meat and fin trade is evident.

The grouping of numerous shark species under generic catch and trade reporting hides the commercial importance of species like blue shark. This Poseidon report for Oceana involved a multi-disciplinary team of researchers to determine the global and regional significance of blue shark fisheries. It estimates the global blue shark catch, maps trade in the species, calculates economic values for blue shark and explores the policies and management measures in place. The report finds that there is relatively limited direct management of these valuable resources and identifies where improvements should be made. Improvements are also needed regarding labelling blue shark products. These, along with other actions like tackling Illegal, Unreported
and Unregulated (IUU) fishing by Distant Water Fleets and raising consumer awareness, would help to ensure blue shark resources are fished sustainably, and would benefit other, often endangered, shark species that are currently caught up in these fisheries and trade.

2022 Oceana BlueShark